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Aletheia Signed Paperback (Cosmetic Defect)

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Please note that these books are discounted because of known defects and do not represent the normal printing quality upheld by Cloud Kitten Publishing. The defects include (as shown in pictures):

-Slightly skewed cover, such that the text is not even. (Internal pages are not skewed)

-A small white lip at the bottom-most edge of the cover.

-First page (cover/copyright pages) may have creases or other damage.

-Slightly skewed spine crease on cover.

These defects are very minor, and some of them may not be apparent to the untrained eye. But please view the pictures highlighting the defects to ensure you are comfortable with the imperfections. All books will still be signed and will come with a free bookmark. No books with damaged story-containing pages will be sold.

All books are signed, and come with a free Aletheia bookmark!

If you would like your signed copy made out to a specific name, send an email to Support@CloudKittenPublishing.com with the subject line "Signed Copy", your name as it appears on the order, and who you would like the signature made out to. If you would like a special note included in the signature, mention that as well. All signatures are made in archive grade ink. The default color used alternates between black, purple, and green, but if you have a preference you can mention it in your email. The general options are black, purple, green, blue, red, brown, pink, and orange.

***For trigger warnings, please visit: https://MeganTennant.com/trigger-warnings

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