Friends of Rudolph: A book containing a named animal companion or a named animal-like character such as a shifter, or a mythological creature like a dragon. Animal companions do not have to be accompanying the main character but must be named and have at least minor importance.

Red / Green / Gold or Silver / White AND Blue: A book whose cover has the color or color combination mentioned. The more of the color the better, but as little as a few pixels is enough to qualify.

Gift An Indie Book: This square is the equivalent of a wild. To fill it you don't have to review an indie book, or even read one. Rather, you just have to give one away. Coworker, library, friend, significant other, family member, giveaway, stranger, you name it. If you give someone an indie book it counts.


Amazon isn't letting me post a review, can I still participate?

We'd like to keep the main focus on Amazon reviews since those are the hardest for indie authors to get and directly impact the way Amazon internally promotes books. However, if you're unable to post reviews on Amazon,  you can leave a review on Goodreads.

How do I sign up?

There is currently no place to sign up.


For the squares involving numbers of reviews, do we go off of the number at the time we started the book?

You can base it on either the count at the time you started or the time you posted your review.

I can’t really donate. Is there any other way I can help?

Definitely! You can help by participating and talking about Indiecember in social media posts and videos.

Does the book need to have been read in December?

No, the book just has to be reviewed in December. So if you've read indie books in the past and forgot to review, you can review them now and count them!

I want to participate, but I’m broke. Do you have any suggestions?

My best suggestion for this is to get Kindle Unlimited. Especially if you haven't taken advantage of their free trial. Many indie books are available through Kindle Unlimited, and for $9.99 for one month you can read as many ebooks as you have time to read. If you don't have an e-reader, remember the Kindle app can be downloaded onto most phones and computers. Many indie ebooks are also priced under $1.


Where can I find indie books?

There is a huge list here where you can find all sorts of indie books of all genres. 


What’s your definition of indie author? Do Lulu, BookBaby, and other vanity presses count?

An indie author is an author who published on their own through a self-owned publishing company, Createspace, Kindle Direct, Ingram Spark, or another similar service. Vanity publishers and services like Lulu and Bookbaby also count. Essentially, an author is indie if their book didn't go through a querying process to get to its current publisher. Keep in mind that an author published by a small press or an indie publisher is NOT an indie author. We're going to be very lenient with giveaway entries this year since this is new and there's a fair amount of confusion as to the meaning of 'indie author'. But now that you've read this you should choose all future books accordingly.

How can I tell if a book is by an indie author?

As a reader, it can be hard to determine if a book is self-published. Here are a few ways you can check:

  • Scrolling to the bottom of the amazon page and looking at publisher. If it says Createspace, Lulu, or Bookbaby, or another vanity or self-publishing platform, you’re golden.

  • If the book lists a publisher’s name but you still suspect it’s indie (which is quite common), just do a quick search of the publisher’s name. If they have a website that only lists books by the one author or lists the author in their about or in their staff list, it’s safe to assume it’s indie.

  • Keep in mind reviews aren’t a fail-proof indication as I found two books published in 2015 where one was an indie book with 1k reviews and the other was a Harper collins book with 7.

Because of the difficulties of verifying this both for you and for us, we are allowing a sizable margin for error. So give it your best try, and if something by an indie publisher rather than an indie author slips through because the company wasn’t easily searchable, it isn’t the end of the world and we won't reject your giveaway form.

Do you have a question that isn't on the list??? I'd love to answer it and add it. Just contact me using one of the methods listed in my contact dropdown.

Indiecember FAQ

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