There is a large array of prizes, all with a bookish focus. The grand prize will consist of a Kindle Paperwhite. There are three writer focused packs which will contain codes for Campfire Pro, Scrivener, and 6 month World Anvil Master subscriptions, as well as some writer journals and normal fiction books. Bookish prize packs may include Once Upon a Book Club book boxes, Litnerd bookmarks, as well as a mix of donated books in a range of genres.

Also, there are some coupon codes available to everyone who completes Indiecember this year!


The forms will accept entries through January 7th, as we know people are busy through the holidays and sometimes it takes a few days for reviews to process. This should give everyone plenty of time to enter. I will then do the drawing on the 8th of January, and reach out to winners via email that same day. Good luck! And thank you for participating!


There is also an anonymous feedback form this year which you can access here:

Indiecember Giveaway!

The entry forms are live! This year the forms are much simpler than last year and require a lot less information on your part. The forms also ask the extent to which you want to partake in the giveaway, so if you just want to fill out the form to document your win that is an option this year! You can access the forms below.



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