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Aletheia contains varying degrees of the following:

-Graphic violence and injury


-Death and murder

-Sexual violence including references to rape and abuse

-PTSD symptoms (including a brief rape flashback in the italic text of chapter 8)

-Suicide (and/or references to it)

-Animal death

-Drugs and alcohol

-Infected persons reminiscent of zombies (though they are not undead)


-References to cannibalism

-Descriptions of skeletons and corpses

-Injury to pregnant persons including miscarriage

-References to injury of minors (including abuse)

-Descriptions of large rats

-References to prostitution

-Imprisonment (including claustrophobic situations)

*"reference" means it occurs off-page or is not heavily focused on 


If you've read Aletheia and feel something is missing, or if you want to ask about a warning specific to you, don't hesitate to contact

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